About Us

The Strong Australia Network is a program developed by the Business Council of Australia to connect the community of people who understand the importance of a strong business sector to the country.

Businesses big and small are the backbone of Australia.

Business are the job creators who employ 11 million of almost 13 million working Australians. Business creates jobs, exports, innovates, pays taxes and creates vibrant communities.

A vibrant and diverse business ecosystem underpins Australia’s wellbeing, breathing life and jobs into towns and cities.

Yet business is under attack. We have seen a wave of policies and proposed new laws that have, and will continue to have, business impacts.

We need to protect the six out of every seven Australians who depend on a strong business sector for their livelihoods.

We need to protect the worker on the check-out who relies on their pay packet from the biggest employer in town – the supermarket. We can’t ignore the small business owner who supplies the snacks to one of the airlines. We need to support the teenager who has their first job at the local fast-food outlet, and the farmers who provide the same outlet fresh produce.

The Business Council is responding to these complex challenges but we can’t do it alone. We need all of us – as a community – to come together. To do this, we have developed the Strong Australia Network.

There’s a lot we can achieve simply by working together.

The Strong Australia Network will be a powerful community of people who all want a stronger, better Australia.