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We create jobs and opportunities. We innovate and export. But too often our businesses and the people who work in them are painted as villains; our achievements left unsung.

We need to tell our own stories. We want to showcase the work of our industry leaders, our employees and our suppliers.

By sharing the stories of our people, we can bring our businesses to life.

We want to reach as many people as possible in a factual, engaging and entertaining way.

If you have a good story to tell, please let us know.

Families embrace booming Busselton

UNLIKE most working dads, Kelly Smith can often be found volunteering in the primary school classrooms of his two children on his days off.

“The teacher will say: ‘You can look after the arts and craft table over there today’,’’ Kelly says.

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Luring talent back to business

IF Jane Holt wasn’t already slightly nervous about the challenges of re-entering the workforce after an extended career break, she had to contend with her hot water service going on the blink and both her children breaking their arms in separate incidents.

This all happened in the first fortnight as Ms Holt began taking part in the pilot of Deloitte’s Return to Work program last July in the firm’s Consultancy division as a data manager in the Melbourne office.

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Sun shines on Port Augusta investment

ABOUT 1000 kilometres from Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station or about 16 hours’ drive from the heart of Sydney lies an oasis surrounded by parched earth.

The large truss of vine tomatoes found on the shelves of Coles supermarkets across Australia are grown at Sundrop Farms on the outskirts of Port Augusta in South Australia.

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