When business thrives, whole communities thrive

Join a community of people who all want a stronger and better Australia

The Strong Australia Network is made up of people who understand the importance of business, that individual business don’t exist on their own, and the need for investment and cooperation across all levels of business.

Regional Australians are alive to the challenges and they’re enthusiastic about the opportunities.

We are responding to these complex challenges, but we can’t do it alone. We need all of us – as a community – to come together.

Members of the network have access to the tools and support they need as they advocate for investment and job creation in their local communities.

It is free and open to everyone.

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The Strong Australia Network runs communication campaigns to give a voice to our employers, suppliers, customers and supports. The campaigns raise awareness of some of the issues raised during our roadshow and specifically what they mean for regional Australia.

On Facebook we have local pages for the regions we have visited:

Our Members

"It’s essential that we go out and listen to what’s really important to these communities…to tell our story, the story of business, about what we represent and what we can create together."
Alan Joyce
CEO, Qantas
"Regional centres are crying out for investment, development and infrastructure, job creation, new businesses, reduced cost of living expenses, and improved access to educational opportunities to lift their living standards and strengthen their communities.
Tim Reed
President, Business Council of Australia and former CEO, MYOB
"There is no reason we can’t conduct a business like this in a regional town like Toowoomba as you could in the outskirts of a major city."
Richard Sampson Genest
Director of Commercial Operations, Stahmann Farms Australia
“We decided to form a strong relationship with a major retail partner, Coles, here in Australia and we decided to start our own export company, we took control of our own supply chain.”
Marie Piccone
Managing Director, Manbulloo Mangoes
“Are we innovating? You bet we are, because that’s the lifeblood of our business.”
Greg Hughes
CEO, Farm Foods
“Our relationship with Woolworths gives us the confidence that when we make the investment to grow fish, in two years’ time, when those fish are ready, there’ll be a market ready and waiting.”
Dan Richards
CEO, Humpty Doo Barramundi
“Over the last 12 months, the workload from Easternwell (for the Shell QGC project) on top of our normal workload, we’ve increased from 12 to 18, which is a big, big jump for us and it’s ongoing.”
John Sheehan
Director, Oztec Manufacturing