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Strong Australia Network media releases include announcements about events, campaigns and policy positions related to the Business Council’s agenda.
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15 February 2020
Pop up mall to support Mogo businesses
A 213-tonne convoy transporting 10 demountable buildings donated by ATCO through the BCA’s BizRebuild project will travel 357 kilometres to the bushfire devastated village of Mogo on Saturday, marking the start of work on the new Mogo pop up mall.
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29 January 2020
Rebuilding for a stronger Australia
The business community’s BizRebuild initiative is working to quickly restore the jobs and small businesses that hold communities together to ensure bushfire affected towns do not fold and fade away. 
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20 January 2020
Business community working to rebuild communities
The business community is waiving debts and speeding up payments to bushfire affected small and family-owned businesses to assist them with immediate cash flow and help communities get back on their feet, Business Council of Australia President Tim Reed said today.
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7 January 2020
Business community initiatives to support those suffering
Businesses – big and small, across Australia and the Business Council of Australia are acting to help Australians suffering from the bushfire crisis, by coordinating to provide support and relief.
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21 November 2019
Reducing red tape to power up Australia’s economy
The Prime Minister’s moves to streamline regulations and cut unnecessary red tape will power up Australia’s economy by allowing businesses to compete, invest in new projects, create new jobs, and build stronger communities, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.
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24 October 2019
Skills breakthrough builds a stronger Australia
Employers welcome the release of the Australian Qualifications Framework review which makes recommendations to help deliver the stronger skills system Australians deserve, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.
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12 September 2019
Excessive red tape and unnecessary regulation costs us all
Excessive red tape and unnecessary regulation is costing all Australians, undermining the creation of more jobs, the delivery of products and services at cheaper prices, and the ability of existing businesses to grow and new businesses to open their doors.
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9 August 2019
Regional communities brimming with potential
Australia’s regions are brimming with potential to drive a fresh wave of innovation but only businesses investing can unleash that capacity, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.
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5 July 2019
Tax changes good for workers, good for the economy
Australians will have more money in their pockets and the economy will receive a much-needed boost as a result of yesterday's successful passage of personal income tax reforms, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said. “I congratulate the Morrison government and the parliament on getting this done and reforming an incentive-sapping system of five tax brackets that stopped workers getting ahead. “This is also a critical first step to ensure the Australian economy can grow faster. We have to keep the focus on growing the economy. “Under the government’s three-stage tax package, Australians will have a simpler and fairer tax...
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17 June 2019
New investment helping build a stronger Broadmeadows
We are pleased our Strong Australia community event has made a real difference to Melbourne’s northern suburbs, bringing together business and community leaders and inspiring the Pelligra Group to redevelop the iconic Ford Australia site in Broadmeadows.
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11 April 2019
Business Council releases a plan for a stronger Australia
The Business Council is today releasing a plan aimed at creating a more resilient Australia, with better jobs, more jobs, higher wages, lower taxes, improved living standards, and lower energy prices, Business Council chief executive Jennifer Westacott said.
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8 November 2018
Strong Australia - Geelong
Geelong will host the next Strong Australia community forum run by the Business Council of Australia in conjunction with Sky News. The forum will take place on Thursday 8 November and involve a community lunch from 12-2pm and a live TV program broadcast from 8-9pm – both hosted by award-winning Sky News Political Editor David Speers. The lunchtime forum will feature Jennifer Westacott, the chief executive of the Business Council of Australia, Tim Reed, chief executive of MYOB, Rohan Mead, chief executive of Australian Unity, and Jodie Auster, regional general manager Australia and NZ, Uber Eats. “We’re really looking forward...
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